Service Plan





1000kb/s download and 256kb/s upload



3000kb/s download and 512kb/s upload



6000kb/s download and 1000kb/s upload


Premium Plus

10000kb/s Download and 2000kb/s upload (Call for Availability)


Service Plan descriptions

For casual web browsing and email only. Not recommended when multiple computers are sharing this account.

The perfect solution for most users, ideal for video streaming, games and other intensive applications.

designed for those with multiple computers and /or smart devices, and HD video streaming needs.
Service Plans
Com-Pair Services
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Premium Plus

designed for those who just want more!.
-Some service plans may not be available in all of our coverage areas.
-Existing customers with older equipment may require an "antenna" upgrade to qualify for new pricing.
-Prices subject to change without notice.
To signup for new service or to request a service plan change on your existing account, select an option below:
*There is a 12 month service agreement and a $149 setup fee on all new accounts.
*Changes to an existing account may ONLY be made online.
*An early termination fee of $175 applies to all service plans.